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Timber looks beautiful around the home and adds natural warmth to any room. However, the reality is that there are many factors working against using timber in buildings, causing it to age prematurely and become expensive for the home owner. Exposure to sunlight fades the colour of the wood grain, regular staining becomes costly and time-consuming, and splitting and rotting are inevitable.

DecoWood provides a durable alternative to timber that can be used in many applications such as windows, doors, louvres, slats, screens, shutters and outdoor furniture. DecoWood boasts the low maintenance and high durability qualities of aluminium, in addition to the natural beauty and warm textured feel of timber.

DecoWood is ideal for coastal properties and bushfire prone areas, and comes with a ten year limited warranty. You can also enjoy the peace of mind that DecoWood is a sustainable product that reduces logging and carbon emissions


Cleaning is essential for any powder coated surface in order to retain the original performance characteristics of the finish. Coastal and city environments contain chloride and sulphur compounds which can induce corrosion, and grime can absorb moisture and hold it against the powder coated surface which can damage the coating.

DecoWood has the same cleaning requirements as any standard powder coated finish. Using warm soapy water, DecoWood should be cleaned according to the following schedule.

Environment Cleaning Frequency Treatment
Mild Every Six Months Warm Wash and Soft Brush
Moderate Every Three Months Warm Wash and Soft Brush
Extreme Every Month Warm Wash and Soft Brush


DecoWood is very difficult to scratch as it is a hard-baked powder coating – certainly much harder than timber. Having said that, accidents can happen when significant force is thrust upon the finish, and there are options available in this situation. Minor scratches can be buffed out with some cut and polish, like you would do with a scratch in your car. For more significant scratches, colour-matched touch up paint is available, which blends seamlessly with the wood grain pattern.