Bike Racks ,Bollards and barriers

Our bollards are designed with security functionality in mind. Although designed as an effective safety barrier and quality security, they still retain aesthetic value. Our bollards are manufactured to provide strength and impact resistance for the property.
At Alstain we manufacture and supply:

  • steel bollards
  • stainless bollards
  • lighting bollards
  • retractable bollards
  • removable bollards
  • security bollards

Security bollards are a fundamental part to a perimeter security solution, our bollards designed to physically stop unauthorised vehicles from entering or exiting the site. All of our security bollards, steel bollards and removable bollards are not only a physical barrier, but act as a visual deterrent.
All bollards are manufactured from quality materials, many of our bollards designed to provide design continuity with other fixed objects. In addition to bollards, we offer automatic gates, sliding gates, road blockers, turnstiles, bike racks, boom gates, and electric gates to supply a quality perimeter solution.
Alstain Security Bollard Design
Our staff are experts in retractable, removal and security bollards and continue to advise customers on the style and size appropriate to their project.
Our steel, security and removal bollards each have a distinct strength, size, purpose and advantage and will prevent unauthorised access. We recommend the PAS68 standard for bollards and other impact resistant products.

Retractable and Removal bollards:
At Alstain we design and manufacture bollards that can retract or be removed. Our removal bollards can be installed and taken away with ease, allowing you full control over security. Retractable bollards at are used as access control systems, designed to stop vehicles from entering or exiting. Retractable and removable bollards have an advantage over boom gates and steel gates as they operate across large areas and driveways, are a strong visual deterrent, provide better strength and operation.

Our perimeter security solutions can include retractable and removal bollards, PAS68 bollards, bike racks, Newey Barriers, electric gates, automatic gates and security gates; each quality products designed for premium security protection.
Security bollards:
As we understand property security is essential for organisations, our security bollards are designed to prevent unwanted vehicle access.  Security steel bollards and stainless steel bollards stop ram-raiding from occurring, ensuring your commercial or industrial property is thoroughly protected.
Our bollards can operate as an independent security system or be installed with other security products including automatic gates, sliding gates, bike racks and electric gates. For quality electric gates, cantilever gates, turnstiles, boom gates, bollards, bicycle storage and security expertise,

Bike Racks

More Australian commuters are choosing to ride their bikes to ease traffic congestion, save money and the environment and Alstain has devised solutions to meet commuters’ needs. Our bicycle storage systems allows 24 hour security, ensuring your bike is secure at all times.

Whether you choose to implement bollards , sliding gates , boom gates , industrial doors or bike racks we can design the security solution for any purpose. Our industry professionals will ensure a fast turn around and ensure your perimeter security solution is tailored to your business.

Alstain Security Bicycle Security

We supply and manufacture a diverse range of bicycle storage systems that include bike racks, bike rails, bike lockers and bike cages for indoor and outdoor bike parking applications. Our bicycle parking options are the most secure, attractive and versatile bicycle storage solutions in Australia.
All of our bike parking options can be installed with ease and are suitable for schools, tafes, universities, shopping centres, bus and train interchanges, parks, community facilities and major public venues.
As the perimeter security experts, our bike racks, bike rails, bike lockers and bike cages have been manufactured in accordance with bicycle authorities and users to ensure they are up to standard.
Like our bollards, electric gates, sliding gates, turnstiles, vehicle access control systems, fencing and industrial doors, our bicycle storage systems provide quality security solutions for any organisation, corporation and government body.

Our bike racks, bike lockers, bike rails and bike cages are both temporary and permanent bicycle parking options, allowing individual and multiple bike storage. All of our bike parking products are made in accordance with Australian Standard AS2890.3-1993 and offer premium, 24 hour security

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