Alstain has a wide variety of aluminium louvres for all sorts of purposes. Primarily louvres are used to allow ventilation and privacy into whatever structure they are put. This could mean that they are used on a balcony that provides complete privacy as a balustrade but still allows air to flow or they can be used as gates on structures like pump rooms or motor control rooms.

Specifying louvre is always a compromise, and requires some judgement to take into account the particular needs of each application.
At one end of the scale for example a car park may require maximum ventilation but little protection from rain penetration. Alternatively, a plant room containing special machinery or electrical equipment may still need high levels of ventilation but with maximum protection from water entry.
There has been a problem for many years in quantifying the performance of louvre systems due to the competing test standards and lack of application guidance for designers.

This guide is therefore intended to assist designers and specifiers to select the most appropriate louvre performance classification to suit each specific application.


  • Site location and exposure
  • Severity of local (site) weather conditions
  • Location and exposure of louvres on building
  • Airflow rate and direction through louvre
  • Maximum acceptable pressure drop
  • Degree and depth of water penetration acceptable
  • Special solutions for sloping applications


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